Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Eats & Munch Crew - "Pain Jams"

Big Eats is myself playing beats, samples, guitar, keyboards and basically whatever was around. Vocals are done by friends on certain tracks.On a couple occasions friends made sounds. This is noted in the playlist.
1.You Win Some But You Mostly Just Lose (v:Jason Hodges) also appears on Bermuda Triangles "Terror In The Tropics" CD
2.1983 (A 10yr. old I Should Turn To Be)
3.Blood Diamonds For Oprah (backing sounds and shouts by Horrible Axidents)
4.Piss Woes
5.Fifth Circuit (v:Scottie Gilbert)
6.Experimenting Guys (remixed and vocals by Joe Legz)
7.Smooth Sailing (v:Scotty Amin)
8.Rotting Bags
9.Sick Date (Just Go Along) (v:Mattress Fox)
10.The Value Of Canned Goods (v:John Chambers)(it should be noted that the main sample for this track is the sounds from a 'Drum Buddy' belonging to my friend Derek)
11.The Perception Of Doors
13.You've Changed (Pain Jam) (This was a song I gave to Partyman to do vocals over and he couldn't come up with anything for it... The name of the collection came from him)
14.Shampoo Boy As Elton John's Tiny Dancer
15.Worldwide (Crime Pays)
16.You Got A Rig (You're In The Band)
17.Stand Trial (guitar by John Chambers)
18.The Value Of Canned Goods (Dance remix by Travis Miller)
19.Missing You

Download Big Eats- Pain Jams.rar

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