Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Various Artists - Speed Freaks 3 (A Compilation)

Here's something I felt like digging out after Kick To Kill's "Behold The Power, Behold The Violence" post. I currently don't have a scanner and I couldn't find any pictures of it after doing a search. If anyone else has this and would like to send me a scan, please do.

Speed Freaks 3 A Compilation (Knot Music 1997)
Side A
-Blood For Pleasure
Rot (Brazil)
-Social Gear
-No Fear To Sin
Mrtva Budoucnost (Czech Rep.)
-Pliva Na Tvoji Autoritu
Side B
Suppression (USA)
-Seal Of Approval
Senseless Apocalypse (Japan)
-No Title
-No Title
-No Title
-No Title (on one track)
Global Holocaust (Canada)

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