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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Download all 3 Hallelujah! recordings (Open The Door And Rejoice, Dirty Revival, and H! Bomb EP)

Hallelujah! was Joey Fitchett/Drums, Bill Porter/Bass, John Chambers/Guitar and Vocals, Mike Mattox/Keyboards and Vocals (on Open The Door And Rejoice), and Joe Gavin/Keyboards and Vocals (on Dirty Revival and H! Bomb EP).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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The sound of pain and rot.

This was taken from a tape I made back in 1997 (I think). I don't have the original artwork anymore and I even abridged it a little bit. Thanks to my friend Jason Walters for sending me these mp3 files many moons ago. I named the ones I could remember and left the ones I couldn't "Untitled".Nothing special.I remember it was my first abscessed tooth, I was in a lot of pain, and my girlfriend dumped me. The line-up for this racket is myself , Jason Walters (Idi Amin/Silver Ninjas), and Brian Zedney (Silver Ninjas). I borrowed a bunch of pedals and microphones and the 4 track it was recorded on from my roommate Scotty(Idi Amin, Appalachain Autonomous Zone).

Idi Amin "Live @ The Melting Pot" (Gabe's Last Show)

Thanks to Scottie Gilbert for originally posting this on his youtube account.

Friday, January 8, 2010


In August 2001 a drummer named Joey Fitchett put an ad in the classified section of the now defunct PUNCHLINE weekly(Richmond,VA), looking to start a band. Unbeknown to Joey, his roommate Jason had been letting a strange guy named Bill (that's me) sleep on his floor for the previous month. Bill Porter who had just moved to Richmond (a bass player recently removed from his native Roanoke,VA) was reading through PUNCHLINE looking for a band to play with and was impressed with an ad he came across listing a score of awesome bands for influences. One of Joey's other roommates (Barry)exclaimed "That's Joey's ad...he lives upstairs, you should jam with him when he gets home." Bill did just that and a two-piece unit, just before their first show became known as ATOMATRON. After a while Bill and Joey decided to let Aaron join the band as noise guy. Then came Mike, as a singer, and out went Aaron to move back to Texas, leaving the three to record their first nine songs (the demo) at the Glass Hand with sound engineer Mark Miley in March of 2002, three of which would appear on cnpr5 split 7" w/ SUPPRESSION in 2003. After a trying out a few differant guitarists, Joey,Bill and Mike settled with John (who had been making his rounds in the music scene w/ CIRCUIT HALO and The WANGS), and as a four-piece recorded their next 10 songs at John's studio (The Etching Tin) for a CDR titled "It's Your Erection" in early 2003.We would later change our name to Hallelujah! but that friends is for another post at another time. So here for you now is everything Atomatron.Enjoy.I know we did.

Bermuda Triangles - Human Electric and Welcome To Earth

This is a little animation I made one day while the internet was down. The track is the intro (track 1) from our "Giant Squid" EP

and here is another animation with "Welcome To Earth" from the "Giant Squid" EP