Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The sound of pain and rot.

This was taken from a tape I made back in 1997 (I think). I don't have the original artwork anymore and I even abridged it a little bit. Thanks to my friend Jason Walters for sending me these mp3 files many moons ago. I named the ones I could remember and left the ones I couldn't "Untitled".Nothing special.I remember it was my first abscessed tooth, I was in a lot of pain, and my girlfriend dumped me. The line-up for this racket is myself , Jason Walters (Idi Amin/Silver Ninjas), and Brian Zedney (Silver Ninjas). I borrowed a bunch of pedals and microphones and the 4 track it was recorded on from my roommate Scotty(Idi Amin, Appalachain Autonomous Zone).


  1. the bucket of glass with the mike in it was neat.

    ive got the titles and the artwork. i dont think i split them up exactly right when i ripped them.

    close enough.